SauceLive includes 2hrs of live Webclasses a month with invaluable live Q&A. Webclasses are not prerecorded and you get direct access to the uniquely talented celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams and her unrivalled experience & knowledge.

For those who prefer to have their coach on hand and like to ask questions alongside their coaching, this is the perfect solution. SauceLive not only pairs perfectly with SauceCode it was created to work side by side for even more effective results with amazing flexibilty.

Such coaching enables you to have even more flexibity as to what you achieve. In SauceCode you already have bonus sesions to reflect those that are parents, those who want to dominate at work, those who wish to succeed at their side hustle enough to quit their day job. SauceLive dives deeper into your exact goals, as you can ask Sloan live in your WebClass about anything from reinventing yourself, to how to create a child prodigy to how to ask your boss for a raise. Those who are shy can ask anonymously aswell. And those who are busy, can ask before the WebClass and watch the catch-up complete with your answer at a time to suit you.

How Does SauceLive Work?

When you sign up, you will be given access to a WebTraining dashboard. This includes the titles, days and a description of the upcoming WebClass. You will need to register, for the webinar if you wish to attend or you can get it on catch up later. To register, you can add your name and e-mail you use for SauceLive via the link in your WebTraining dashboard. This is to enable you access and so you can receive reminders one week, one day and one hour before your WebClass so you remain focused on your training ahead. If you just want to get your WebClass on catch-up - diarise to log in 24 hours after the class and it will be there waiting for you in your dashboard - no need to register. All questions can be asked through the dashboard before or asked during the WebClass itself.

Always Live. Never Pre-Recorded

Your Questions Answered

In the WebTraining Dashboard, you will also be provided with the ability to ask questions directly to Sloan before the webinar or during the WebClass itself.

In some cases, for questions asked before the event, if the question is very personal or time urgent, Sloan will answer directly within your webinar dashboard which has previously been a perk that only her VIP clients have been given. If there are more questions than Sloan thinks she can answer in her live webinar, she is committed to making sure that all coachees have their questions about the coaching so far answered and she has been known to provide additional training to answer such questions. Keep an eye on your WebTraining dashboard as these additional Q&A’s will also appear in your dashboard. They will often be provided as audio or as webinars that you can listen to at your leisure and they do not impact on your 2hrs of live webclasses that you will receive every month as part of SauceLive.

Get SauceCode For Free

SauceLive is £497 a year when bought as a 12-month package. We recommend signing up for a minimum of 6 months (£297). You can cancel anytime. As we are keen for you to enjoy SauceLive in conjunction with SauceCode we are giving all SauceLive members free access to SauceCode. This means that you are saving £100 and getting direct access to Sloan Sheridan-Williams, who guarantees to answer at least one question raised per WebClass for EVERY student who asks a question and for those who ask more you will see she gets through quite a few questions so do engage. She does not get her associates to answer the questions, she sets time aside to give you the best value at an amazing price. Her hourly fee is now over £1000. With SauceLive you are getting 2 hours a month WebTraining and live Q&A’s, plus the ability to ask questions personal to you all for approximately £40 a month which would normally only buy 2 and half minutes of Sloan’s time.

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Learn From The Best

SauceLive is billed in 1 easy payment of £497 giving you 12 months of access a month, after which billing automatically stops. At this point, you will be given the choice to renew on a reduced rolling monthly payment of £47/month (cancel anytime) or sign up for a further 12 months at the same rate as you first paid. This is locked in for you. You can of course also at that point upgrade to Sloan VIP. This is not an ongoing membership, it is a 12-month package with the choice of continuing. If you do nothing then your membership will expire. You do not have to worry about giving notice or gym-like contracts that tie you in. This is the perfect time to not only learn the rules of the game of life but also enough time to put them into practice creating helpful and productive habits of success. We don't want to hold you back with contracts, we want to give you the freedom to fly.

We know some of you are not ready to commit to coaching for 12 months and that is fine with us, we are so convinced you will love it you will gladly sign up again that we also offer 1 month and 6-month coaching programs. We are happy to talk to you about paying monthly (£97/month) but this is the least economical way of proceeding and so it is not immediately available as an option without contacting us first. Please contact us directly to find out more.

For those interested in 6-month packages these are priced at £297. At the end of 6 months, you will be given the choice by e-mail to renew on a reduced rolling monthly payment of £47/month (cancel anytime) or sign up for a further 6 months at the same rate as you first paid. You will save money by buying 12 months upfront but the content is the same.

For those interested in both 6 or 12-month SauceLive coaching click the buy now button below.

What is SauceCode?

To remind you what is included in SauceCode, each week you get given a new recipe for success, as each piece of the puzzle of life slots nicely together. SauceCode helps guide you through the weeks ahead, one week at a time, keeping you focused and empowering you to move your life forward either with baby steps or giant leaps. Each week you are provided with your SauceCode to work through over the next seven days. The SauceCode helps you set your intentions every week and will contain your FIVE objectives for the week, which include a combination of your weekly PowerWord video, affirmations to provide you with the confidence to achieve your goals, coaching articles to keep you on track and self reflection questions to expand your mind to open you up to possibilities you previously thought were unattainable. Depending on the week you will also get bonus content from worksheets, quizzes, hypnocoaching/guided visualisations, success coaching and much more.

The 9 Essential Elements To An Extraordinary Life

SauceCode Level 1 digital coaching is ideal for anyone who has not coached with Sloan before or someone who wants to dip their toe into this style of coaching. It is a 12-week program and is priced at just £99 one time fee. After just 12 weeks you will have addressed the 9 Essential Elements to an Extraordinary Life. These are:

Quality of life

SauceCode teaches you how to walk away from pain and disappointment so you can target your habits towards productivity and purpose while living in the moment

Life Vision

SauceCode helps you design the future blueprint of your life, separating your needs from wants and starting you on your journey towards where you deserve to be


SauceCode teaches you the 5 main characteristics every person needs for success and helps you understand your emotions while raising your emotional intelligence

Spiritual connection

SauceCode teaches you how to manifest your goals into reality and how to understand and utilise the Law of Attraction


SauceCode improves how you communicate your standards & non-negotiables to yourself and others


SauceCode unlocks what is holding you back from making healthier decisions and deciphers what you need in your life for increased energy


SauceCode reveals the secret of getting the income you deserve


SauceCode helps you learn to make decisions without doubt and seize opportunities before other’s take them from you


SauceCode helps you understand why you do what you do to assist in remodelling any unhelpful behaviours and replace bad habits with awesome ones.

You Set The Pace

Many tackle one objective a day Monday-Friday, some set aside one day a week to work through all 5 objectives, some spread it out over their weekend. There is no right or wrong way, only the way that works for you. The objectives are divided into manageable chunks and are presented at two different levels so you can decide how in-depth you wish to go with the advanced level for those who wish to deep dive into particular lessons. You set the pace, according to the demands of your week. Working through the course, many notice their work/life balance improves and they choose to increase the effort per lesson to get even greater results.

Group Mentorship That Works

SauceVIP Takes You To The Next Level

For those who want to feel inspired, connected and on the road to success, mentoring is the perfect option for you. To have Sloan as your personal mentor a year is normally a 5 figure investment. However with so many requests for her mentorship Sloan has created SauceVIP – a group mentorship program for those who want to reach their full potential fast. With Sloan’s tried and tested principles, plus her on hand to hold you accountable for the changes you have committed too, along with the community within SauceVIP mentor groups – you have never been in a better position to achieve long lasting results.  It’s time to not only know the rules of the game, but to play them to win. Sloan’s been in over 150 different media publications, hosted her own radio show and graced stages around the world showing people just like you how to get impactful results. Now she’s online and it’s your turn to succeed. What are you waiting for?

Digital Course


  • Break The Code To Success
  • 12 Weeks Of Coaching
  • Create Weekly Intentions
  • Take On FIVE Objectives Every Week
  • Embark On Power Word Challenges
  • Develop A Success Mindset
  • Attract Your Goals With Affirmations
  • Become Fearless & Get Your Goals
  • Reflect With The Right Questions
  • Unlock Your Potential
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  • Live WebClass Not PreRecorded
  • Find Your SuperPower
  • 2hrs of Live WebClasses Every Month
  • All WebClasses with Sloan
  • Skills Labs To Bring In Income ASAP
  • Catch-Up Webtrainings To Rewatch
  • Ask Sloan Questions In Live Webinars
  • Access To Ask Questions before WebClass
  • Includes SauceCode free
  • 1 & 6 Month Packages Available
12 Months Live Access
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Fast Results


  • Fast, Long-Lasting Results
  • Monthly Group Mentoring
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Use Your SuperPower To Earn More £££
  • Maximise Your Potential
  • Work Through Your Specific Goals
  • Limited Intake To Keep Focus on You
  • Access Your WebClass From Anywhere
  • Includes SauceCode & SauceLive
  • 1 & 12 Month Packages Available
6 Months VIP Access
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