Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t coached with us before you can choose to be coached via two different programs, SauceCode which is recommended for everyone and SauceLive which is most suitable for those who like to ask questions and have more interaction with their coach via live trainings.

If you prefer self-study then SecretSauce will be right for you, although this can be taken with either SauceCode or SauceLive for those who like to take on a challenge. For those who prefer 1-2-1 coaching, SecretSauce can also be taken face to face and via Skype for an additional cost.

If you are on a budget or time poor, SauceCode is a great place to start. This digital coaching helps you set your intentions every week and will contain your FIVE objectives for the week, which include a combination of your weekly PowerWord video, affirmations to provide you with the confidence to achieve your goals, coaching articles to keep you on track and self reflection questions to expand your mind to open you up to possibilities you previously thought were unattainable. Depending on the week you will also get bonus content from worksheets, quizzes, hypnocoaching/guided visualisations, success coaching and much more.

If you can spare an extra 2-3 hours a month on getting the life you want, then we highly recommend SauceLive taken in conjunction with SauceCode and as an incentive we are including SauceCode free for anyone who signs up to SauceLive. Not only that we reduced the monthly price to £47, because we really want all those who want to take SauceLive to be able to have it.

Digital coaching is where you are coached a set number of times per month, either via e-mails and or live trainings and you are held accountable for your progress. You will have objectives to complete, get to set your intentions for the week and check in that you are on track. If you have any queries you will be able to ask along the way and have support so you get guaranteed improvement when you take the coachable actions set out for you.

Digital Courses are set courses that are often done either as self study or 1-2-1 with a coach. You set the times and days you wish to take on your coaching and in the case of 1-2-1 sessions you book your sessions when you want to be coached. If a course has six parts, you can choose to do that course in 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years. The information is all released to you in one block and it is for you to decide and hold yourself accountable for doing the course or booking in your sessions to see your coach. For those doing 1-2-1 sessions, your coach will still hold you accountable for the intentions you set in your sessions but those doing self study are left to pace themselves.

There is no right or wrong style of coaching it is down to personal preference. Many find that they love courses, just like they love books but knowing the subject is not as effective as applying what you have learned. That is where digital coaching comes in, as it helps keep you focused and on implementation not just learning the foundations.

Get The Sauce Membership is given to anyone who takes SauceCode or SauceLive. For those taking SauceCode, it takes the form of a 4 weekly subscription, which makes it easy and fun to stay focused on getting the results you need. If you are taking SauceLive it is an online subscription billed monthly. Whatever option you choose, every month you get tons of inspiring and actionable content, encouragement emails from Sloan, plus your objectives for the week, every week that you can tick off through the system and monitor your progress. SauceLive members can join Sloan for live online trainings twice a month, plus where we think it will increse your results we give you  exclusive access to workshops and discounts. Those taking SecretSauce on it’s own are not part of the membership, as they have opted to take a digital course in their own time rather than digital coaching.

If you aren’t where you want to be in life, if you feel stuck on a path to anything but extraordinary, if you see other’s have a lifestyle you want but have no idea how to achieve and you always feel like you’re starting over instead of advancing towards your goals in whatever area of life then Get The Sauce Membership will give you the structure, support and tools you need to stay on track. If you don’t have the answers and don’t know where to get them, then look no further as Get The Sauce Membership has your back. If you believe miracles only happen in movies, and only famous people can get the sauce – it’s time to rebrand and live a miraculous life, at the highest level for your purpose and journey no matter where you are starting from.

You will be able to find your courses, objectives and caoching materials in the Get The Sauce dashboard.  You can access the dashboard from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And to keep you focused and your coaching consistent, Sloan sends e-mails to encourage you and align you with your passions, purpose and your long term goals.

For SauceCode, many choose to accomplish one objective a day Monday-Friday, some set aside one day a week to work through all 5 objectives, some spread it out over their weekend. There is no right or wrong way, only the way that works for you. The objectives are divided into manageable chunks and are presented at two different levels so you can decide how in-depth you wish to go with the advanced level for those who wish to deep dive into particular lessons. You set the pace, according to the demands of your week. If you wish to spend 5 minutes on an objective you can, but likewise we provide the ability to spend as long as you wish per objective.

If you are struggling with work/life balance and time is not a luxury you have right now, we suggest just 6 minutes per objective, 5 days a week because just 30 minutes a week, can get you moving towards your goals. We have members that deep dive and weave their coaching throughout their day, but find they still don’t need more than 30 minutes a day a few times a week to get transformational results.

Those taking SauceLive, do factor in an additional 2-3 hours per month.

With SecretSauce there is no set time per week as you choose how long to take the course over, but we suggest setting aside 10 hours to complete the whole course, be that over 10 days or 10 months.

We all have busy weeks and Get The Sauce has factored this in for you. Any objectives live in your dashboard and you ccan go back and complete them whenever you want to. Your Saucecodes will be there waiting for you! Those on SauceLive can catch up with any missed WebTrainings for 10 days, and if required we can always give you access for longer if you are away. You can go back to any objective, intention, affirmation, power word etc., at any time and listen/read/watch/practice in a manner that works for you. Get The Sauce is flexible and adapts to your needs.

Absolutely. It is perfect for beginners and those who have been coaching for years as it has designed to be flexible and adpatable to your needs. SauceCode Level 1 digital coaching is ideal for anyone who has not coached with Sloan before or someone who wants to dip their toe into this style of coaching. It is a 12-week program and is priced at just £5 a week,with 3 easy payments of £20 every 4 weeks.

Absolutely. SauceCode is designed with different effort levels within each part aswell as 2 levels of SauceCode – one with FIVE objectives and one with SEVEN objectives. We all know life can get  busy or throw us a curve ball we weren’t expecting and that even the most focused and coachable person can get diverted off course. That’s why Sloan created Get The Sauce, as even with all the coaching hours under her belt, after a complicated pregnancy and surgery she had to reapply all her own principles to create a new vision for her life and her family. Get The Sauce will guide you wherever you are, no matter where you have started from and what’s going on for you.

We do recommend that you start at level 1 even as an advanced student, however if you have coached before and want to start at level 2 SauceCode with seven objectives instead of five, you can always apply to take our coaching quiz and bypass level 1 if you score high enough. Are you ready to take the challenege?

SauceLive will work for all levels as you ask the questions. WebTrainings are designed around the questions from members as well as the course topic for that session as chosen by Sloan and presented at a high enough level for all.

If you are having doubts about where you want to be in life, your goals, your passion, your relationships, your direction, your health or your finances then you have come to the right place. This is the perfect course for you.

The only people who should not do this course, are the ones who are content with where they are in life, have no wish to change and have mastered any unhelpful emotions, thoughts or beliefs that hold them back from achieving their goals.

After just 12 weeks you will have addressed many areas of your life including…

  • Quality of life – SauceCode teaches you how to walk away from pain and disappointment so you can target your habits towards productivity and purpose while living in the moment
  • Life Vision – SauceCode helps you design the future blueprint of your life, separating your needs from wants and starting you on your journey towards where you deserve to be
  • Character – SauceCode teaches you the 5 main characteristics every person needs for success and helps you understand your emotions while raising your emotional intelligence
  • Spiritual connection – SauceCode teaches you how to manifest your goals into reality and how to understand and utilise the Law of Attraction
  • Relationships – SauceCode improves how you communicate your standards & non-negotiables to yourself and others
  • Health – SauceCode unlocks what is holding you back from making healthier decisions and deciphers what you need in your life for increased energy
  • Money – SauceCode reveals the secret of getting the income you deserve
  • Empowerment – SauceCode helps you learn to make decisions without doubt and seize opportunities before other’s take them from you

Unlike most membership sites we do not charge you indefinitely until you cancel. We charge you just 3 payments either over 12 weeks or 3 months depending on the program you have signed up for. We then let you decide if you want to take the next level and when. If your life circumstances change and you wish to end your 3 month program early then we will consider a cancellation on a case by case basis. You can contact us at Cancelling the Membership will close off your access to your dashboard. If you complete the course, you will still have access to your dashboard, even if you do not take the next level. If you don’t progress to the next level within 4-8 weeks of the end of your program, then your dashboard access will be closed temporarily until you wish to take the next level.