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“Sloan is an amazing life coach and I’ve learned so much about myself and my true potential with the help of her coaching programmes. For me having the Sauce, allows me to go out and get what I’m worth in my career and my relationships. Before coaching, I thought high ticket clients were not available to me. Now I get to mix my love of travel with my job as a personal trainer. I work with less clients but at a much higher level. They have more impactful physical change and I make nearly 3 times as much as I did last year.”



Personal Trainer

“I’ve worked with life coaches in the past, but Sloan really stands out from the crowd. I love the fact that she has a whole digital coaching program aswell as online courses. The flexibility is a winner for me, as no two weeks are ever the same for me. I like to ask questions and have my coach on hand so to have Sloan with her experience and so accessible is amazing. I can’t wait for my next webinar!”



business consultant

“After reading Sloan’s book “Slap Fear In The Face”, I decided to sign up to her coaching program. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made!” Having Sauce has made me go from being timid to someone who isn’t afraid to sieze an opportunity. I feel a whole new world has opened up to me, one I never thought I would have access to.”




“As a new mum of twins, I had been struggling with the challenges of motherhood and redefining my identity after quitting a high powered job to start a family. Sloan’s coaching programme really helped me find myself again and be a better mum to my little ones. Sauce to me means having the confidence to see life as it is, and then having the courage to make it as I want. I adore my family, but I also love my 4 hour work week which brings in as much as I was making before, so I didn’t have to financially compromise.”



former CEO
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Take life to the next level

The 9 Essential Elements To An Extraordinary Life

Quality of life

Learn the sauce skills to enjoy every day and live in the moment. No more waiting for the weekend, every day brings value.

Life Vision

If your future blueprint doesn't match what you have in your life, then you need sauce to reconnect with your purpose.


Often emotions can take you off course. With sauce, you raise your EQ so you run your emotions, they don't run you.

Law of Attraction

Sauce helps you understand how to manifest your dreams. Whether you are spiritual or need a more scientific approach, clarity on your goals is key.


A crucial component to your success in personal & professional life is your relationship with yourself and those around you at home and at work.


When you have Sauce you no longer put off those health issues, as you don't let anything stand in the way of achieving your goals in the healthiest possible way.


Financial freedom is not a daydream when you have Sauce. When you put in the groundwork and apply the principles, you'll receive the financial rewards you truly deserve.


Knowledge is not powerful if you do not apply it. When you have Sauce, you can make any decision, without doubt, seizing opportunities before others take them from you.


Understanding why you do what you do is crucial for remodelling any unhelpful behaviours that are not serving your greater purpose. With Sauce, you can replace bad habits with awesome ones.
Included In All Digital Coaching Packages

Take a look at what's inside

Below is just a taster of the proven strategies that are going to take you from where you are now to the extraordinary life you were destined to lead. You can’t get this collection of strategies anywhere else, let alone for this price. Sloan has developed these techniques over two decades of coaching and has not only put them together for Get The Sauce but has done so in a simple way to make this course applicable to anyone who wants more out of their life with changes noticeable from your first decision to move forward. Get The Sauce does need you to take action but it is specifically designed for people who are being pulled in a million different directions, from obligations they need to satisfy and from drains that they need to learn to say no to.

Beat The Boom & Bust

It is easy to burn out when you give a project your all and then break from it only to push hard again. This is not a sprint; your life is a marathon and you need the proper mental training and strategies to get the best out of your mind.

Channel Your Focus

How to channel your focus to where it needs to be and step out of your comfort zone effortlessly with one small change to your approach which cuts through the confusion of conflicting advice with proven strategies for success.

Manifest Success

Manifestation techniques & affirmations to create your desires super-fast without limiting beliefs stopping you. This eye-opening new approach means no more feeling you're missing out while others create their dream life.


How to create the right connections to find the right opportunities and discover the secret to finally seeing the opportunities that are all around you right now regardless of your network. This simple truth is a real eye-opener!

Healthy Habits

Habits of the truly successful, with a clear no to living on a chance your dreams may come true. There is not just one path to success, but you need to know the truth about habit transformation strategies for a successful journey and destination.

Clarity & Alignment

How to get clarity on what you really want and align with where you need to be to make your soul smile, even if you still have no clue where you want to be. If you aren’t aligned with your purpose, life will always feel like an uphill struggle.

Power Principles

A five-step process to the key power principles that allow you to live at your highest level. No more hoping to get results, these strategies are designed to help you break free of limiting patterns

Fearless Living

Develop the courage to make room for your success using the 5 principles behind being BRAVE to accomplish the fastest path to achieving your goals and breaking free of fears & doubts.

NeuroHacks For Life

The one thing you must do and the one thing you must avoid to rewire your brain for the extraordinary and gain momentum towards your goals without any fear of failure
Become The Best Version Of You

Packed Full Of Coaching Goodness

Slap Fear in the Face

How to turn fear on its head by learning powerful strategies on how to slap fear in the face and get your power back.

Genuine Happiness

How to set clear intentions to chase real happiness and success, not false wants created by the media and peer pressure.

Aligned Life Vision

How to take a good look at yourself and your life and create a more aligned life vision that really makes your soul smile.

Personal Power

Learn how to turn potential power into dynamic personal power.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to develop your emotional intelligence effectively.

Unlimited Confidence

How to build unlimited confidence without it turning into arrogance.

Unstoppable Force

How to harness the unstoppable force within you to achieve your wildest dreams.

Overcome Obstacles

How to deal with any obstacles life throws at you in a way that serves your highest purpose.


How to embrace and be grateful for life's challenges as lessons that happen FOR you not TO you.
Do You Experience Any Of These Issues?

If You Do Sign Up To Change This Energy To One of Success Instead


You have trouble facing challenges and see them as things that happen to you not for you and life is unfair.


You don’t like to try anything new for fear of failure or you feel bitter about things not going your way.


You hesitate or procrastinate especially when you come face to face with a decision or opportunity.


It comes naturally for you to blame others for your misfortunes.


You increasingly criticise others or find yourself being angry or negative.


You have trouble working in a team to get the results you need.


You feel anxious about the future and unsure about the direction of your life.


You feel stuck in a rut, confused about life and overwhelmed in general.


Your performance at work is less than you would like and isn't improving.

If any of these signs sounds familiar to you, you don’t need to feel like this anymore. Whether you are coming from a positive place and just want faster results or you are moving away from a negative painful place, Get The Sauce is ready for you to start taking action TODAY, with it’s simple step-by-step guide for how to achieve the life you deserve, it no longer matters where you have come from only where you would like to get to.

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