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SauceVIP Takes You To The Next Level

SauceVIP mentoring group sessions have different parts in each online group coaching session. The first part is a general sharing of the group and what they have done. You can type into the session and Sloan will share live with you what everyone has achieved. If you wish to stay silent you can, but group participation is encouraged. The second part is a mini focus on everyones goals for the week and the month ahead so everyone has action points and Sloan deep dives into trainings that you need to accomplish the next steps. In the third part a spotlight is placed on one lucky member to work through an issue in greater depth.

In SauceVIP, each student has the chance to apply for the spotlight to be placed on their goal, and the rest of the members get to contribute and vote through polls about the best course of action while learning about how to achieve success for themselves.

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Ready To Apply For SauceVIP

As you can imagine SauceVIP is quite heavily subscribed and we want to make sure that we get the right group of people together. It would be easy to throw people together on a first come first served basis but we do not believe this would give you the best results. So we have devised an application form that enables us to place you in the perfect mastermind group for you. This way you can all learn from each other as well as support those you wish to. It’s a short form so do fill it out.

There isn’t any obligation at this stage and the wait isn’t that long. However, as soon as you are offered a spot you will only have a week to pay and accept or sadly your place will be given to the next suitable candidate on the list, so do watch out for the e-mail in your inbox and make sure you add saucevip at to your safe senders list.