SauceCode digital coaching is for everyone. Each week you get given a new recipe for success, as each piece of the puzzle of life slots nicely together. SauceCode helps guide you through the weeks ahead, one week at a time, keeping you focused and empowering you to move your life forward either with baby steps or giant leaps. Each week you are provided with your SauceCode to work through over the next seven days. The SauceCode helps you set your intentions every week and will contain your FIVE objectives for the week, which include a combination of your weekly PowerWord video, affirmations to provide you with the confidence to achieve your goals, coaching articles to keep you on track and self reflection questions to expand your mind to open you up to possibilities you previously thought were unattainable. Depending on the week you will also get bonus content from worksheets, quizzes, hypnocoaching/guided visualisations, success coaching and much more.

Many tackle one objective a day Monday-Friday, some set aside one day a week to work through all 5 objectives, some spread it out over their weekend. There is no right or wrong way, only the way that works for you. The objectives are divided into manageable chunks and are presented at two different levels so you can decide how in-depth you wish to go with the advanced level for those who wish to deep dive into particular lessons.  You set the pace, according to the demands of your week. Working through the course, many notice their work/life balance improves and they choose to increase the effort per lesson to get even greater results.

SauceCode Level 1 digital coaching is ideal for anyone who has not coached with Sloan before or someone who wants to dip their toe into this style of coaching. It is a 12-week program and is priced at just £5 a week,with 3 easy payments of £20 every 4 weeks. After just 12 weeks you will have addressed many areas of your life including…

  • Quality of life – SauceCode teaches you how to walk away from pain and disappointment so you can target your habits towards productivity and purpose while living in the moment
  • Life Vision – SauceCode helps you design the future blueprint of your life, separating your needs from wants and starting you on your journey towards where you deserve to be
  • Character – SauceCode teaches you the 5 main characteristics every person needs for success and helps you understand your emotions while raising your emotional intelligence
  • Spiritual connection – SauceCode teaches you how to manifest your goals into reality and how to understand and utilise the Law of Attraction
  • Relationships – SauceCode improves how you communicate your standards & non-negotiables to yourself and others
  • Health – SauceCode unlocks what is holding you back from making healthier decisions and deciphers what you need in your life for increased energy
  • Money – SauceCode reveals the secret of getting the income you deserve
  • Empowerment – SauceCode helps you learn to make decisions without doubt and seize opportunities before other’s take them from you

Once you have completed SauceCode level 1, if you want to take things further you will be invited to Level 2 Coaching. This is optional. Level 1 coaching gives you all the tools needed to achieve your goals. Level 2 encourages you to really push forward with implementing your new knowledge. You do need to complete Level 1 before advancing. Level 2 is also a 12-week coaching program presented in a similar format except your weekly SauceCode has SEVEN objectives per day. This is currently priced at just £7.50 a week, with 3 easy payments of £30 billed every 4 weeks. There is an optional level 3 coaching which is your final level, which you are more than welcome to enquire about after you finish level 2.

Many combine SauceCode digital coaching with the live webinars. For those who prefer to have their coach on hand to ask questions about the course, and for additional training, this is the perfect solution. To find out more go to SauceLive.

For those who love their information in one go and feel at home managing their time spent on personal development digital courses, then check out SecretSauce which is our foundation do-it-yourself course and unlike digital coaching this course is sent to you all at once and not each week. If you are new to coaching we do recommend SauceCode as we are on hand to help you.

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