What is Digital Coaching?

Digital coaching is ideal for anyone (new or seasoned) who wants to dip their toe into this style of coaching. This coaching helps guide you through the weeks ahead, one week at a time, keeping you focused, empowering you to move your life forward. Many combine digital coaching with the live webinars. For those who prefer to have their coach on hand and don’t want to embrace a digital course alone this is the perfect solution. For those who love digital courses and want to take them at high intensity check out our Courses Available. For those who like the idea of a high impact digital course with live trainings then the Sloan SOLUTION is for you and is the pinnacle of all our courses.

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For a FREE trial of our online coaching system and to access real coaches to deal with real issues type "FREETRIAL" with your name and e-mail address. Often activated within the hour. No credit card is required.

We also offer voice coaching calls and/or Zoom meetings. If you want a last-minute session today/tomorrow just type LMTEXT or LMCALL and we will get back to you with coach availability and prices.