Terms & Conditions

1. Course Completion

Courses have a suggested time line for completion but can stay accessible for longer than the course. This is to encourage you to take action. You can always apply to have an extension for longer access to the course. This can be done by e-mail for SauceCode members or via a note within the SauceLive and SauceVIP Portals.

2. Digital Coaching – Catch Up Service

Digital coaching webclass and webmentoring times may vary but the course content will be available of Catch Up for at least 10 days. If you need it longer, if you are on holiday then you can always e-mail for an extension before you go. We always like to work with our members to help them get the most out of coaching.

3. Digital Coaching – Questions & Answers

Small groups such as WebMentoring will have all questions answered in-depth. Larger groups will have most if not all questions answered depending on time available. For any questions unanswered we will provide bonus audio in the SauceLive Portal.

4. Refunds

No refunds will be given unless the course or digital coaching was not supplied and cannot be supplied.